Mika Stambaugh: PR, CBD, and the Value of Good Storytelling

When entrepreneurship is in your blood, you are always looking out for new opportunities. That’s exactly what happened with PR maven Mika Stambaugh and her newest venture, Acannability. Mika is the CEO and Founder of The Mas Ink, a company that has broken the mold on what PR can look like. Her goal with clients is to offer accessible opportunities for them to tell their stories – and when she came across cannabis, she knew that was a story she needed to tell too. Now, as a Founder and Director of Marketing & PR for Acannability, Mika is using her years of media knowledge and storytelling experience to educate others and help to create a set of standards within the CBD industry. Listen in as we talk with Mika on managing multiple businesses, what growth looks like, and where she sees herself in 10 years.

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