Melissa Carter: A Chic Entrepreneur That’s Dominating, Upcycling, and Reinventing

Being nimble in an ever-changing environment is what sets most successful entrepreneurs apart – and Melissa Carter is no different. A life-long fashionista and a native Chicagoan, Melissa spent most of her adult life working with high couture brands in New York City. But when COVID arrived and shuttered the city, she came back to her roots to reinvent herself and launch her own brand. Leaning on her passion for supporting women and women of color, combined with her love of circular - upcycled vintage - clothing, she founded iamthecarterprojekt and Kameo Vintage. Her unique style and ability to craft the perfect outfits set her apart and has captured the interest of the Who’s Who in the affluent North Shore. The quick pivot to follow her true passion, along with a “dress up, look chic, and go for it” attitude, makes this stylish entrepreneur one to watch!

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