Mara Smith: Finding Your Brand Niche

How do you overcome the challenges of starting up your own brand in a highly competitive market? For Mara Smith, a former attorney in Chicago, it was about finding a niche that she could fill. She and her friends enjoyed the versatile, carb-free and zero sugar spirit but they were not drawn to the traditional tequila offerings. For years, Mara searched for a brand that was additive-free, gluten free and with a look, taste, and aroma that appealed to her and her friends and family. That perfect tequila simply did not exist, so instead of rejoining the corporate world she decided to call on her entrepreneurial spirit and create one! Today her business, Inspiro Tequila, is dominating the shelves of retailers all over the mid-west. Consumers are drawn to Mara’s story as a 2nd act entrepreneur and woman in a traditionally male industry. Listen in to hear how Mara’s journey evolved, how she utilizes her experience and ideas as a consumer to level up her brand, and what it takes to stand out in the crowded consumer packaged goods space.

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