Lauren Schifferdecker: Scaling a Personalized Experience Business

How do you merge the idea of a high-growth company with a personalized, individual counseling service? That’s the drive behind owner and CEO Lauren Schifferdecker’s entrepreneurship journey with her company, Inspire Counseling Centers. She believed so strongly in providing a better counseling experience that she started in a literal broom closet – offering her services to whomever walked through the door with the goal of opening centers across the area to bring affordable and accessible therapy to everyone. With multiple centers now under her direction, Lauren has her eye on growing Inspired Counseling Centers to 50 locations within the next 5 years. Her mantra – “Whenever you are ready, we are here. You deserve to life a full and fantastic life!” Listen in as we talk with Lauren about how she is able to scale her business, how she is making friends with her failures, and how she helps her employees avoid the burnout that is so common among therapists.

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