Gary Arakelian (Part I): Determining Your Company’s Liquidity

Are you building a company with the intention to sell, or have you given thought to the sustainability of your business beyond where you are right now? Savvy businesspeople know that your company as well is your biggest risk, but also your most important and valuable asset. When you build a solid, professionally run business, one path of succession may be a transaction, or “liquidity event” in industry terms. But how do you navigate the process and know if it’s the right move? Gary Arakelian, CEO of Arakelian & Associates and middle market Mergers & Acquisitions advisor, gives us a guide to all the industry jargon to help us see how at any size company, thinking about the opportunities and ‘what if’ scenarios with an advisor makes such great business sense. Listen in to find out how YOU can make your company more attractive to outside investment.

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