Emily Mackie: Filling the Gap Between Interior Design & Real Estate Development

Serial entrepreneurs lean on their passions and their experience to see where there are gaps to fill. When Emily Mackie examined the challenges she was facing in interior design with her company, Inspired Interiors, she decided to use that insight (with a little motivation from the naysayers) as inspiration to forge her own way into the real estate development industry. In 2020, Emily extended her Inspired brand to include Inspired Luxury Homes, a custom home building company that utilizes innovative 3D technology to tailor-fit residences to her clients’ specifications prior to construction. And as a female-led company in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Inspired Luxury Homes brings an unparalleled perspective to the custom home building experience. Listen in as we talk with Emily about the how she got started, balancing family and work-life, and how her hallmark approach to design is carving a new path for more female entrepreneurs to follow.

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