Courtney Wright

Courtney Wright is a visionary. Her ability to translate ideas into accomplishments has proven successful throughout her career as an entrepreneur, executive, and strategist and across her personal achievements as a wife, mother and innovator.

For the past 5 years, Courtney has been building a holding company which currently consists of Gemini Builds It and Showcase Acrylics, along with Ecommerce companies that market the products being manufactured by them. Gemini was a close partner that she’d worked with at her last company, which she started from the ground up (F/K/A CDW Merchants, now owned by Bunzl PLC from London, England)

More than a CEO, Courtney connects the dots in all aspects of her life. Her philosophy is direct – smart, engaged people drive the company. She walks the manufacturing floor and pulls ideas from conversations with her team in the trenches. She’s known to ride in the delivery trucks to get the perspective of the drivers, as well as the customers on the receiving end, to ensure all details are buttoned-up. The skill set of the Gemini crew seeps through the final product, serving clients with a variety of substrates that are all manufactured under one roof.

Adding to her portfolio is a newly launched podcast, Ladyboss Podcast By Courtney Wright, where great leaders tell their stories of their entrepreneurship journey. “I’m a student of this game of which I’ve been playing my whole life,” said Wright. In this podcast, Courtney collects and shares advice with her peers as a way to help empower other business owners. She is anxious to share their stories, career pivots, and daily decisions that drive goals and successes. Give it a listen or nominate your favorite business owner!

Lady Boss Podcast

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