Courtney Wright is a visionary. Her ability to translate ideas into accomplishments has proven successful throughout her career as an entrepreneur, executive and strategist, and across her personal achievements as a wife, mother and innovator.

Courtney is the founder and president of CDW Merchants—the leading provider of 3D Visual Retail Displays and e-commerce gift packaging for the nation’s top retailers, including Kate Spade, Amazon, Sperry’s and Club Monaco.

After successfully building CDW Merchants to a multimillion-dollar company, Courtney sold it to a global billion-dollar company to focus on its further growth.

Courtney’s success is rooted in her unique ability to help customers and entrepreneurs connect the dots between strategy and success. She is a steadfast, strategic partner ready to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Let Courtney inspire you to bring your vision to life.

“Courtney is an extremely dedicated, intelligent and creative partner who always strives for excellence for her customer, her company and herself. She is multi-talented and multifaceted. I have always been impressed with her professionalism, warmth and genuine concern for her clients and their companies. She is unique in that she mentors her team and her customers. I have been with Fossil Group for four years, her relationship with Fossil preceded me. She and her company enjoy a close, productive relationship with Fossil.”

Bob Higgins

Vice President of Global Real Estate for Fossil Group Inc.

“I have been in the work force for many years with a proven track record of achieving my professional goals. However, recently I found myself in a situation where I was being exploited and underestimated at work. Courtney was able to act as a sounding board and provide an objective perspective to my situation. She empowered me to effectively negotiate and facilitate a commanding strategy for change.

She was able to coach me on resolving this conflict without emotion and to be professional in order to accomplish my goal. Her tutoring increased my self-esteem, which enabled me to articulate my case clearly and competently. This exercise with Courtney resulted in a powerful change in my approach with my management. I am no longer a victim—the negotiations were positive and lead to a very satisfactory fiscal benefit for me.”

Colleen K.

Account Executive

“Courtney Wright is a force to be reckoned with! She is a leader among leaders. She’s a lifelong learner, with an unquenched thirst for ‘more.’ Courtney has been a successful executive, a visionary ‘business starter’ and an accomplished leader of a publicly traded company. She understands strategy, execution and the value of a powerful culture.

To sum it up, Courtney Wright is a winner—she knows how to win and understands how to share her gifts with those lucky enough to work for and with her.”

Bob Berk

Chairman, Vistage; CEO, A Giving Heart Foundation


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